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Modern leadership needs to offer practical insights to help the leader survive and prosper in the increasingly complex world of the Twenty-first Century. With a growing Boardroom focus on business ethics and corporate responsibility, leadership thinking is shifting towards a more principled approach. This recognizes the relationship between the leader, their organization and their business environment and the need to match personal and organisational values.

In this article Dr Laurence Lyons and Anna Bateson hypothesize that:

“Business people are starting to believe that the psychologists have hijacked the leadership movement, citing a growing number of interventions which induce deep personal insight yet fail to produce tangible business results. A fresh approach is needed.

 While the business environment relentlessly challenges executives to become broader and smarter, it would be a serious mistake to believe that psychologists hold a monopoly on “how to think”. Psychology can only be as powerful as the philosophy on which it is based. In the present organizational setting and with an increasing emphasis on the concept of leadership, that philosophy is challenged to reach out to embrace a deeper meaning of Self within the Organization and to recognize a wider, richer context of Organizational reality.” DOWNLOAD ARTICLE