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Strategy - This Time It’s Personal

Career Management
Ambassador Journal
December 2000


One privilege that comes from coaching top people is finding out what's on their minds. The problems these people face reflect the key obstacles we all come across in trying to do a great job in today's more chaotic work setting.

For some, the hot button is confidence: they want to feel more certain they are taking the right approach when working in a more turbulent world of work. Others wake up to find that – although they know they are doing a fantastic job technically – they have forgotten to manage their own reputation and discover they haven't taken their colleagues along with them. They find only too late that they are not valued by others as much as they think they should be.






Get a Coach to Reach the Top

Henley Manager
Spring 2000

It is already happening in the Fortune 500 boardrooms and is sweeping Europe. It's not therapy - but it is therapeutic. It is called coaching and it is process-derived (unlike mentoring which is pattern or content determined), and it's coming to a company near you.






The Science of Chat
 - Why you need an Executive Coach

Complete Journal


For a fortunate few outside the USA who have encountered it, executive coaching has provided a profound experience. To some it can seem little more than a cosy conversation, but when performed well, coaching offers a highly practical approach that integrates personal development in the individual with strategic development of the business.






Management is dead... long live leadership

People Management
26 October 2000


People cannot be creative and innovative while they remain chained to the factory model of management

This article includes a description of the Seven Skills Model

Strategy once was the province of only a few top people in “higher management”. In the past strategy was all about “the organization”. All that is changing. Now the focus of strategy is shifting to individual people. There is a trend for strategy to become more internalised. Organizations... that don’t adapt their culture to match the new work styles will not survive long in an internet, knowledge and service economy.

Modern efficient businesses are increasingly being built on networks rather than pyramids. Business success now depends on everyone being creative and innovative as we shift from running machines to pioneering relationships. After an era of organized BPR, personal acuity has become the key to winning. The pendulum is shifting towards HR.






Innovative method outlined for bridging strategy and management development

September 1992


A pioneering case study in executive coaching

This front-page article reports on a talk given at a Development Group Meeting of the society in 1992 about an intervention at McKechnie Vehicle Component Division (a Times 350 company). The challenge was to develop four middle managers into company directors with all work taking place on-site.

These managers were each required to develop a strategy and to clearly demonstrate their ability to work together as a team. These were pre-requisite for being considered for a position on the board. The “Strategic Cell Development” method used many techniques of - what would now be called - executive coaching: support & challenge, presentation & politics audit, team rehearsal.

The IT strategy component was to become adopted across Europe, and three of the managers became directors. The corporate sponsor co-presented at this talk.


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