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What reviewers said about this book:

AMED book review

“This is a book that must be on the bookshelf of anyone who considers themselves to be a serious student of organizational development and change... This is new, exciting and stimulating.”

Long Range Planning Vol 29 No3

“There is no more advanced school of thought than here...They have done a good job in explaining the implications of networking... There are a vast number of well paraded arguments here for the increased productivity of flexible working and the information age, and well researched case histories. Another brick in the wall of new thinking.”

The Director

“The arguments are well presented... The message is conveyed in a readable style, understandable by virtually everyone in an organization and certainly those operating at board level. All chairmen concerned with the longterm future of their organizations should get copies for all their board members, ensure that they are read and that their implications are fully discussed - followed by effective action.”


“Deserves to be read by any serious student of organizational development and change. Introduces a context in which business redesign and transformation can occur. Describes all the variants of organizational complexity in one mega-theory which encompasses organizational structure, changes, cultures, business re-engineering, total quality management and so on, and sets them in relational context. Needs to be read more than once and debated with colleagues.”

Management Consultancy, September 1995

“An ambitious attempt to fit a number of concepts ... into an "umbrella" structure, an 'organizational metalanguage' that will help organizations manage the transform into the new structures.”

John Pumfrey, Civil Aviation Authority UK

“Thought provoking.”

Gerry Pomson, Open Learning Centre, British Airways

“I found this compulsive book hard to put down. Working in a part of the company that is concerned with change, I can recognize and strongly relate to its message. The kinds of organizational shifts that it forecasts are already starting to happen. Its fresh and positive approach has been extremely helpful to me in identifying and addressing these changes.”

Robert J. Glitz, LtCol, USAF

“An excellent overview of the current forces shaping the future work environment. Additionally, it contains a section that few futures-oriented books have, a new philosophical framework for organizing thought in this complex area. I can easily recommend it to business managers and planners as well as theoreticians.”

David Peterson, Gill Gordon Associates

“Very good coverage of many subjects that are of interest to me. I especially like the way you balance culture and technology issues.”

Mark Casey - Defense Pentagon

“Very well written and informative... It has me, and a few others, kind of excited -- it seems to deal with some of the problems we're wrestling with.”

Sir John Harvey-Jones

“I greatly enjoyed Creating Tomorrow's Organization. I do find it extraordinary how loath people are to realise or grasp both the possibilities and the dangers.”

Personnel Today, 16 Jan 1996

“It is clearly presented with plenty of concrete examples drawn from the business world, and quotes from everyone from Douglas Adams to Confucius. Recommended reading for managers and human resource professionals who really want to get to grips with Future Work - and are prepared to do some work on this right now.”