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All quotations are used with permission


Michel De Coster
BT Benelux

Larry has helped me in restructuring my new regional management team and in pulling things together.

His advice on working in a complex matrix organization and career development is very useful.

Jack Norris

The SITA/Equant joint venture and Equant had the great opportunity to work with Dr. Lyons.

We engaged him to be an executive counselor to the select members of the Senior Management team. His guidance, direction, counseling and listening was universally appreciated by the staff.

The best testimony to his contribution is that new members of the senior team sought out the opportunity to work with Dr. Lyons. He is a top notch contributor to executive development.



Bill Bryant

Having had earlier experience with other coaches which was not successful, I approached this intervention with Larry with some hesitation. This was proven to completely unfounded as he really fundamentally understands the role of the coach and has the necessary experience, knowledge and wisdom to provide meaningful and really useful advice.

I have been able to apply the insights and suggestions directly.

His guidance, direction, counseling and listening was fundamental to my making my way successfully through a particularly difficult transition point in my career. He is a person who can quickly get to key issues to aid individual progress in a very short time. The time spent was thoroughly enjoyable, very insightful and extremely useful.


La'Manza Davis
DMT International Service Director
Pitney Bowes

I have been working with Dr. Laurence Lyons over the past six months and would like to express my personal satisfaction with the quality of our sessions.

Dr Lyons has an incredible intuition into today’s business needs and the up and down cycles of an expat assignment. The scheduling of the sessions throughout these cycles has been incredibly right on time and greatly appreciated.

The best way to summarize the sessions is as if you have a large pile of partial thoughts and ideas and by the end of the session, some are discarded while the rest form a clear strategic direction. This has been very beneficial in our goal to improve strategic vision and influence long term changes.


Alexandre Gouvea

"Coaching focuses on my needs now and what is important to me."