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LEADERSHIP - A Principled Approach

Article on the latest approach to leadership: “PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP - A relationship based on recognising who you are and how you interact with your environment.” by Larry Lyons & Anna Bateson

The Evolution of Leadership - audio tracks

Get the audios from the Conscious Dialogues with Anita Law, Marshall Goldsmith, Dr. Larry Lyons, Jim Oher, Amy Skolen and Michelle James on July 11, 2006.
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Voice America Business - quotation

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The Accomplished Leader

A coach thinks like a theorist;
acts like a researcher; never gives advice. 2005

Executive Coaching

includes two Aventis Case Studies. 2004

Coaching at the Heart of Strategy

A structured dialogue of emerging purpose. 2000

The Virtual Organization

The smart organisations is the one that survives. 1995

Embracing Change: The Director's Role

WILT - working independently of location and time. 1995

Strategy - This Time It’s Personal

Seven strategy skills. 2000

Get a Coach to Reach the Top

Coaching at the top; coaching for tomorrow
The science of chat - why you need an executive coach. 2000

Management is dead
Management is dead (A5 format)

what HR professionals can do to rejuvenate management and change the culture of their organisations. 2000

SPS News 1992

Innovative method outlined for bridging strategy and management development. 1992



Trust me - I’m a management coach

Sunday Times 2001. Includes quotes from Sita Equant joint venture.