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Coaching and Mentoring - Hype or Help?

 Strand Palace Hotel, London, 17 May 2005

When and how can coaching or mentoring be effective for corporations and individuals? This session will present a clear, authoritative view of business coaching and mentoring and their value.

Mentoring and coaching have been adopted at different rates by corporations and many individuals regard the option of using them to develop professionally. Despite the recent hype around the concept, the fact is that business coaching and mentoring can fast-track careers and help MBAs build on their strengths – provided certain conditions are met.

Laurence Lyons will present the concepts underpinning coaching and mentoring provide both the practical and theoretical aspects of the subject:

  • What are the differences between mentoring and coaching and when should each be used?
  • How do individuals and their employers benefit?
  • How should companies go about implement programmes?

The practice: mini-case studies and trying out the techniques This event is for anyone interested in implementing mentoring or coaching schemes in their company, or using these options themselves for professional development.




Masterclass - CIPD National Conference

Dr. Laurence Lyons of Henley Management College spoke on how technology was changing the fundamental of business and the role of the HR manager in that process. "As businesses increasingly create value for service, knowledge and innovation, the HR function has taken central stage as the critical lever of change in today's organization," said Dr. Lyons. "There is a heightening expectation from the board that HR will shift its role from simply providing the delivery mechanism to become a new business driver of change. HR is the only function with the relevant people-focus to create the soft strategies businesses now need to deliver bottom line results."

However, Lyons goes on to warn HR managers that unless it gets its house in order there "is a real danger that other business functions will win the race for the strategic high ground."

"E-businesses demand that we move away from a world of managers to a world of leaders capable of thinking and acting strategically. For this to happen HR as function must also become more strategic itself”, he said.